About me

Nick Tyzio

   I've been in love with sound ever since I was a little boy, when my mother gave me a small transistor radio, remember those?

   I hooked it up to some speakers I had mounted in a cardboard box

wired them just the right way, and it sounded amazing.

     That was when I knew, I was on to something

   More recently I discovered an area of sound I wasn't really fully

exploring. I had dabbled somewhat in the past on a few projects but not until I worked on "This Island" for Dale Lessoway, 

did I realize, just how much fun it was and I said to myself

     "Why am I not doing more of this?"

       I started "Tyz Post Audio" right after that and I've been

  improving the Sound of Indie Films ever since.

                                 - and loving every minute of it  :)    

                              "Your Work Deserves to Sound the Best"

Mandate: To Make Indie Films Sound the Best they can be.

Full Post Audio House

What we do:

Sound editor, Audio alignment, Audio Mastering, Re-Recording.

Sound design, Sound effects, ADR, Foley, Voice over, VO recording,

Voice Demos, Podcast mastering, Audio & Dialog repair, Background noise reduction,

Dialog matchng, Scene to scene background matching and much more.

We cover it all, with one exception - No "Location Sound" - sorry :(

What we can do for you:

With any film, the most important thing is the STORY.

This of course is followed by Picture and Sound.

Picture and Sound Marry together to bring Your Story to life.

The impact of Picture is obvious, you see it, understand it.

even though you may not see it all -  you do percieve it all.

Sound, however is not so obvious, it works at many, many levels, deep, indside.

Yet you percieve it perfectly too.

It affects you - your feelings, emotions and heart.

This is what makes it a challenge to fully appreciate and understand why it is so important.

We can help you with this!

We'll get your audience to experience the Full Impact of your Vision - with Sound.

We are very passionate about sound

and are determined to make sure no one has bad sound.

We have many years of experience and are dedicated

to getting the Best Possible Results.

Our Mandate is to "Make Indie Films Sound the Best they can be."

We'll work with almost any budget to make sure your Film sounds the Best it can be.

Don't release your work without letting us hear it first.

>>> Send us a Low Rez version of your work today and we'll give it a listen for Free 😀  <<<